Tips For Preparing For Your First Hypnotherapy Session

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Tips For Preparing For Your First Hypnotherapy Session

4 May 2016
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If you are struggling with an addiction or can't remember something about your past that is keeping you from moving forwards, then you might want to consider hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is the process of being put into a hypnotic state and being asked questions or given suggestions that will help you stop doing the unhealthy habit that you want to quit or reveal the information about your past that you need. You might feel anxious about going in for your first hypnotherapy session. Here are some tips for getting ready so that you can be relaxed during the entire process and so that it can go more smoothly.

1. Check Your Hypnotherapist's Licensing

Your first step is to check your hypnotherapist's licensing. You want to be sure that your hypnotherapist has the accreditations that he or she needs to practice in your area. By checking this information, you will be able to put yourself at ease and reassure yourself that you are in the hands of a professional. This will likely make you much more relaxed about the entire process.

2. Ask How Many Sessions It Is Likely to Take

Next, you want to ask how many sessions a case like yours is likely to take. Your hypnotherapist might not be able to give you an exact number of sessions since everyone is different, but he or she might be able to give you an estimate so that you can keep your expectations reasonable. You don't want to be convinced that you will walk out of the office that day with everything solved, only to find out that you need ten sessions.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Be sure that you wear comfortable clothing to the hypnotherapy session. You don't want anything to potentially distract you from being hypnotized or pull you out of the hypnotic state before your therapist is ready for that to happen. By wearing clothes that are comfortable and don't scratch or poke at you, you will be able to ensure that you won't be distracted.

4. Check Your Insurance

Finally, be sure that you check with your insurance regarding whether or not they cover a hypnotherapy session and, if they do, how many sessions they will be willing to cover. If they aren't willing to cover more than one or two, you might want to let your hypnotherapist know up front so that he or she can move slightly more quickly, but with less depth, to get you as much help as possible within a short period of time.

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