4 Signs That It's Time To See A Mental Health Counselor

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4 Signs That It's Time To See A Mental Health Counselor

17 November 2018
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Most people believe that they can handle almost anything. It is human nature to want to believe that everyone is invincible, and no one can break down and mentally and emotionally collapse. However, there are many more people in this world that really need mental and emotional health counseling than those who are willing to admit it. If you are in denial of your own mental health problems, maybe you need to take a quick second look. The following signs are excellent indicators that maybe you should consider seeing a therapist after all.

1. You Use Sleep to Escape

When you want to do nothing but sleep, and you find ways to escape everyday life just to sleep, and you seem to be sleeping too much, that is a mental health alert. It means that you are either depressed, or too stressed, and you are using sleep as an escape. A therapist will help you rule out physical health problems and begin examining why sleep is your "escape."

2. You Cry a Lot, Even When You Are Not Sad or Extremely Happy

Crying is meant as an emotional and psychological release. The human mind and body does it when you most need an emotional release, and you feel either sad or exuberantly happy. When you feel neither happy nor sad, but you are crying all the time anyway, you should seek help. It is not normal, in both physical and mental/emotional terms, to be crying all the time. 

3. You Are Using Food, Sex, Alcohol, Shopping, Gambling, and/or Drugs for Comfort

There is nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence in any of these things when you want a little comfort. However, when you engage in one or more of these things (e.g., food, sex, drugs, gambling, etc.) more than once a day and/or more than seven times a week to attempt to feel something, avoid feeling numb, or to comfort yourself by elevating your mood through the use of these vices, there is something else very wrong. You need to find out the root cause, which can only be discovered through guided cognitive behavioral therapy.

4. You Lash out Verbally or Physically, a LOT

Lashing out physically against family members, road rage while driving, lashing out verbally and angrily while screaming and shouting; all of these indicate a serious problem with your mental health. If it gets bad enough, you might find yourself in court, being forced to take anger management courses. Before it gets to that point, or worse, talk to someone.

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