3 Benefits Of Becoming A Medical Volunteer

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3 Benefits Of Becoming A Medical Volunteer

28 April 2016
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When you want to be more active in your community and be a positive influence in someone's life, while also allowing them to be a positive influence in yours, you may want to consider medical volunteer work. There are a number of facilities that will take in medical volunteers--like Twin Lakes Hospice Inc--thus allowing you to put your best energy forward to assist with the care of patients. If this sounds like something that interests you, keep reading so that you can learn about some more benefits of this unique opportunity. 

#1: Medical Volunteers Report Lowered Blood Pressure

If you are stressed out and dealing with hypertension, becoming a medical volunteer is one of the best things that you can do. Studies show that volunteers experience lowered blood pressure for a number of reasons. For one, you re increasing your physical activity, which is a means in itself of lowering your blood pressure. It also allows you to uplift your spirits by helping someone else, which is useful in decreasing your blood pressure levels and allowing you to benefit your overall health. 

#2: Volunteering Can Help Relieve Mental Health Issues

Many counseling professionals suggest that their depressed patients become medical volunteers in order to help with their condition. This form of volunteering has been shown to help with depression and makes it easier for patients to contend with it. This is useful, because many people who suffer from depression take a number of antidepressants and other methods of treatment which may have some adverse side effects. By using medical volunteering opportunities to help with your depression, you will be less dependent on these forms of care and will be able to get this condition under control. 

#3: The Opportunities Can Boost Your Skillset and Resume

Volunteering at a medical facility can be useful whether you are doing so as a form of counseling, or volunteering from the bottom of your heart, or trying to get some material for your resume. Either way, hospitals can put you to work in a variety of ways so you can learn new skills and network. In some cases, you may be helping to provide hands-on care to make a patient comfortable, while in other situations, you may be asked to take on clerical duties. Ask the facility what opportunities are available so that you can explore what works for your personality and career goals. 

Consider these three benefits and reach out to a hospital that is accepting medical volunteers.