How To Perform Visual Imagery At Home To Relieve Your Anxiety

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How To Perform Visual Imagery At Home To Relieve Your Anxiety

3 May 2016
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There are dozens of different medications you can take to relieve the anxiety you experience, but there are also natural ways you may be able to find relief. One option is called visual imagery, which is a process of clearing your mind of negative or bad thoughts by focusing on pleasant and good images. If you are interested in this, you can try it at home by following these steps.

Choose a quiet setting

Step one is finding a place to practice this method that is quiet. You can choose a place that is indoors or outdoors, but it should be free of noise. Outdoor noises, such as birds or the wind, can be helpful though for some people, but you can also choose to do this right in your living room or bedroom.

Find pictures to look at

The second step involves finding pictures of nice images to view. While you can picture images in your head instead, a lot of people find that it is easier to focus on a setting if they have a picture to look at. When choosing a picture, try to find one that is relaxing, serene, and beautiful. This could be a picture of a canyon, beach, or wilderness, or any other type of place that appears relaxing.

Focus on breathing and thinking

Once you have a place to do this and a picture to look at, you can begin practicing visual imagery by following these steps:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Focus your eyes on the image you are looking at.
  3. Shut your eyes and keep your focus on the image now in your mind.
  4. Begin breathing very deep, slow breaths.
  5. Start trying to imagine you are actually located in this place.
  6. Think about the smells you would encounter, the feel of the wind, and the sounds you would be hearing if you were there.
  7. Continue doing this for 10 minutes or longer.

You can repeat these steps whenever you are feeling anxious or fearful, or you can choose to complete these steps when you feel normal. The more you practice this, the more relief you are likely to find. If you continue experiencing problems with depression or anxiety, you may want to visit a counselor or a doctor to find out about other techniques you could apply in your life to begin finding relief for your anxiety and depression you suffer with. Contact a business, such as Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc, for more information about anxiety relief.