4 Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Psychologist

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4 Signs Your Teenager Needs To See A Psychologist

10 May 2016
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Many people go through a difficult period during adolescence in which they suffer from mental health issues. Although the teen years can be quite exciting, they are also a time of great change. The emotional challenges and pressures that a teenager faces can result in mental health problems that require professional care. Here are a few signs that your teen should be seen by a psychologist:

Your teen appears chronically sad or depressed.

The hormonal changes of adolescence can certainly produce moodiness. However, if your team seems to be depressed for a lengthy period, he or she should be professionally evaluated. Teenagers who struggle with depression may be more apt to participate in self-destructive behavior. Even suicide attempts can occur.

Signs of depression may include sporadic episodes of crying, a general appearance of sadness, a lack of desire to participate in group activities and an little concern for personal appearance.

Your teen no longer seems to function well in his or her daily life activities.

If your teen normally plays sports but suddenly seems apathetic towards the activity, he or she may be suffering from a mental health issue. Teens who are suffering from mental symptoms may display difficulty concentrating, a decline in energy levels, irritability and a decline in grades. There may even be evidence that your child is not exercising normal personal hygiene. Although these symptoms can make coping with daily functions difficult for your child, if they are extremely short-lived, there may be little need for concern. However, if these symptoms remain for weeks on end, it is best to schedule an appointment with a mental health provider.

Your teen shows signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

If your teen shows signs of substance abuse, therapy should be scheduled as soon as possible. Even casual experimentation with drugs or alcohol can quickly progress to addictive behavior. Initially,  a teen may use the substances to cope with other mental health issues, such as depression. A mental health specialist can help your child learn how to cope with the pressures of the teen years in a constructive manner.

Your teen's moods are extreme, and they last for lengthy periods.

If your teen seems unusually elated for days and then falls into a deep state of depression, this could indicate a serious mental health condition, such as bipolar disorder. A mental health expert can properly diagnose your child's condition and prescribe a suitable treatment option.

Is you suspect that your teenager needs to see a mental health expert, schedule an appointment with a psychologist, such as Carewright Clinical Services.