Overcoming Addiction: 3 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Sobriety

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Overcoming Addiction: 3 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Sobriety

11 May 2016
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Dogs have earned the title "man's best friend" for a reason. Not only are they loyal companions, but they also have an innate ability to truly live life in the moment. When you are dealing with addiction, it can seem as if advice comes from everywhere. Well-meaning friends and family all tend to have an opinion, yet your dog has been there with you through thick and thin all the while offering you unconditional love. As you begin to take the first steps toward sobriety, take a cue from your favorite animal companion by recognizing these lessons they provide on how to embrace a sober lifestyle.

Embrace Natural Living

Whether they are lapping at their water bowl or chewing on a bone, dogs skip the junk food and focus on providing their bodies with the fuel they need to stay healthy. At drug rehabs in your area, you will discover that programs focus on encouraging physical activity and hydration to help your body recover from the damaging effects of addiction. As you learn to eat a healthy diet, spend time outdoors and fill your time with wholesome activities, you will begin to feel strong enough to fight your cravings.

Enjoy the Simple Things

Dogs are never chasing after the latest and greatest things. Instead, they get great joy out of simple actions such as a walk in the park or a belly scratch. Using drugs and alcohol can rob you of the ability to just enjoy life. Watch your dog as they get excited about chasing a leaf or the sight of you coming home. Then, think about the things in your life that cause you the most stress simply because you believe they are necessary. As you begin to embrace a simpler lifestyle, you will see the true joy that comes from replacing your negative habits with healthier ones that support positive well being.

Lean on Your Pack

Living a lifestyle where you are never sure whom you can trust gets lonely, and it is normal to feel as though you have nowhere to turn when it comes to handling addiction. However, dogs are always there to provide a gentle lick or snuggle when they know a member of their pack is hurting. Make sure you have the support you need to get sober by exploring alcohol rehab programs like EmPower CTC that provide counseling and group meetings that can allow you to meet others who understand exactly what you are going through. This pack mentality will ensure you overcome the hard times while having sober friends to help you celebrate your victories.

Stepping into the life of sobriety can feel like entering uncharted territory. Yet, you can take a cue from your dog and learn to embrace a natural lifestyle while enjoying the support that comes from having a pack mentality. As you start to rebuild your life, enjoy knowing that your loyal companion will always stay by your side while you add others who can help you battle your addiction.