Keeping Communication Strong Between Partners

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Keeping Communication Strong Between Partners

17 May 2016
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When two people are in a relationship for several years, they often find themselves in a slump where they are not as connected to their partner as they were in the past. This is usually the result of a decrease in communication between the parties, leading to feelings of discontent or unfamiliarity with each other. Keeping communication flowing is very important for a relationship. If communication wanes, there is a chance of feelings of increased distance. Here are a few ideas you can use to keep the communication between you and your significant other at a healthy rate, increasing the togetherness you feel toward each other as a result.

Keep Journals To Share Ideas And Feelings

Purchase two journals and ask your partner to join you in writing down activities and feelings you encounter each day. At the end of the week, swap these with each other. Reading how the other person perceives life can be an indication in where to start working in increasing communication. Knowing your partner will read your own thoughts can help you place important information between the pages so they are aware of your feelings. These notes to each other can greatly increase communication by giving glimpses into each others thought patterns.

Try A New Hobby Or Take A Mystery Trip To Increase Discussion

Taking up a new past time with your partner is a wonderful way to increase the line of communication between you. Ask your partner what activities they would like to try as a couple and make arrangements to allot time for the two of you to partake in this task at regularly scheduled intervals. If the two of you know you will be going fishing, taking an art class, or seeing a new movie together once a week or once a month, you will each start to anticipate this together time to engage in a favorite activity.

An alternate way to increase discussion is to plan a mystery trip for you to take with your partner. Pack a bag of their clothing and book a hotel in a destination neither of you have visited before. Do not tell your partner where you are going to give them an element of surprise. When you arrive, you will have plenty of time for discussion, as there will be no distractions of every day activities getting in the way of your fun together.

Visit A Marriage Counselor To Learn New Ways To Communicate

Going to a marriage counselor is not only done by those on the verge of divorce. People who are happy with each other can still benefit from learning new ways to increase communication. A counselor will talk to each party separately to find out the concerns about communication in the relationship. They will then discuss these while both parties are together, helping to come up with solutions in increasing communication in a natural way.

Counselors often give small activities for each party to do both in the counseling sessions and on their own while at home. This could include asking questions of each other, writing down feelings and having the other party read them, or partaking in an event where discussion is necessary. For more tips and ideas, contact a local therapist from a clinic like Tim Robbins Counseling