How To Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy

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How To Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy

15 July 2019
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If you find yourself in need of group therapy, you may be wondering what you can expect from a group therapy session. When you know what to expect, it is more likely that you will get more out of any therapy session. Before you go to group therapy, bear in mind the points that will be presented here and you should do very well.

You Must Be Open

Being open means that you must be willing to be vulnerable. Do not be afraid to discuss your feelings, whether positive or negative, with the group. A group therapy session is a safe place where you can express yourself without being judged. You may be surprised that others will often feel the exact same way about an issue that you are having.

Give Feedback to Others

Remember that when you share, you usually do so to get things out in the open and to unburden yourself. Others share for the same reason. Be a contributor to any group session you are in by offering your feedback to others in the group so they can benefit from any insight you may have into their problems.

Leave Defensiveness at Home

When you start sharing and hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, you will, at times, hear things that are difficult to accept. The fact is that you should open your mind and try to look at what is being said in an objective way. Often, others are able to see things that you may not be able to. If you are feeling particularly upset, then share this. Often, when you share that something has offended you, the individual who caused offense can clarify what they meant.

Don't Just Rehash the Past

When sharing, you want to be careful that when you tell stories of your past you focus on what you learned instead of just on the events. The point of sharing is to see how much you can learn and grow from negative experiences instead of focusing on the pain they caused. Ask for feedback and listen to any advice you may get so that you can heal.

Group therapy sessions are one of the best ways you can heal and grow emotionally. However, it is normal to be apprehensive about your first session. If you bear in mind the tips you have learned here, you will be well on your way to a productive session.

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