4 Services Offered In Marriage Therapy

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4 Services Offered In Marriage Therapy

4 February 2021
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Counseling sessions can help people face their problems. When your marriage is a source of unease and stress in your life, you may benefit from a specific type of counseling called marriage counseling. Marriage therapy is designed to help you and your partner communicate effectively. It is facilitated by a trained therapist who will use various therapeutic techniques to help you. Here are four services you can take advantage of as part of your marriage therapy:

1. Initial Assessment

You may wish to participate in marriage therapy without having a clear picture of the improvements you hope to make. Fortunately, a marriage therapist can help you identify areas in your marriage where there is room for growth. Most therapists will choose to conduct an initial assessment at your first appointment. During this time, the therapist will ask various questions to you and your spouse. You should try to answer these questions as honestly as possible. Your therapist will use your responses to devise a counseling plan for you and your spouse.

2. Conflict Mediation

Sometimes couples can develop resentment toward each other. This can happen when arguments fester, becoming increasingly unproductive over time. You may be unable to resolve these conflicts on your own. Fortunately, a marriage therapist can act as a mediator. They will ensure that both you and your partner feel heard during disagreements. Your counselor can help you find a mutually beneficial compromise to your issues.

3. Group Therapy

Many people find group therapy helpful. During group therapy, you have the opportunity to speak to a counselor and also other couples. Hearing from other couples may give you insights into your own marriage. You can learn about the way other people resolve their conflicts, which may teach you techniques to use yourself. Group marriage counseling isn't for everyone, but it is one tool you can use to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

4. Family Therapy

Many married couples have children. Your kids are part of your family, and they contribute to the overall family dynamic. While you can benefit from marriage counseling without kids, you might find value in attending family therapy sessions that include their entire family. Family therapy sessions can help you resolve issues that arise within the family unit. A counselor can help you discover a parenting style that aligns with your values. When you can parent intentionally rather than reactively, your whole family can benefit.