Trauma-Focused Therapy For Children: What You Need To Know

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Trauma-Focused Therapy For Children: What You Need To Know

9 June 2022
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If your child has suffered from trauma, they would greatly benefit from therapy. One option is trauma-focused therapy. This is a therapy that is especially helpful for PTSD. Here are some things you need to know:

What Does Trauma-Focused Therapy Consist Of?

Trauma-focused therapy is a form of talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is ideal for elementary-age children and up. The therapy is designed for the child's age and development. Trauma-focused therapy helps the child get the trauma out rather than holding it in. Compartmentalizing trauma is common, especially in children because they often have feelings of guilt, as if they caused the trauma. Trauma-focused therapy helps support the child and encourages them to talk about the event and their feelings in a safe space. Their minds will eventually ease, and they can make sense of what happened to them. This is done in an age-appropriate manner that is best suited for the child.

What Happens During Therapy Sessions?

Your child will learn several coping mechanisms and skills to help them deal with their trauma. They will learn about the specific type of trauma they experienced, what is considered a typical reaction, and how their traumatic reaction is normal. As sessions go on, they will learn about anxiety and how to manage it. They will eventually be exposed to the rawness of the trauma to prevent avoidance of the event so that they can get past it. Eventually, the therapy will lead to the child getting back to their typical activities and events as they move on from their trauma and manage it themselves on a daily basis.

How Do You Choose a Therapist?

There are several considerations to think about as you choose a therapist for your child's trauma-focused therapy program. You should first make sure they are qualified to perform trauma-focused therapy. This often requires specific training in working with kids who are affected by trauma. You should find out how involved you will be in your child's therapy sessions. It is typical for parents to be involved at first as the child gets used to the therapy process. Eventually, the therapist may want to meet with only the child, but you can make these arrangements based on the needs of your child. You should ask if there are things you will need to do at home to support your child as they go through therapy to reinforce what happens in the sessions.

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