How To Prepare For Your First Telehealth Therapy Appointment

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How To Prepare For Your First Telehealth Therapy Appointment

1 June 2023
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Telehealth appointments are a wonderful option for those who need counseling or therapy but do not like the prospect of sitting in a waiting room or fighting traffic to get to an appointment. If you have never attended a telehealth therapy appointment before, you may be a little bit apprehensive regarding how it all works and if it is the right choice for you. There are several things you can do to make your first appointment go smoothly.

Choose your location 

One of the common mistakes people make regarding telehealth appointments is not choosing a specific location to attend the appointment. Even if you live alone, it is important to have a designated space for your sessions where distractions are minimal. Pets, ringing phones, and having the TV on can all distract you from concentrating on what your therapist is saying and can impact the effectiveness of your therapy session.

Download any software you need

Never wait until a few minutes before your appointment to attempt to get online and log into the telehealth system. You will receive instructions when your appointment is scheduled, and it may require you to download special software. Having everything installed and ready to go prior to the day of your appointment is best.

It is also helpful to do a trial run of logging in. This will help you see if there are any additional updates you need to install for your device to work effectively with the telehealth platform. Doing a trial run will give you confidence on the day of your appointment.

Get a good set of headphones

Headphones are a great asset when attending telehealth appointments. Not only can they help you hear the therapist more clearly, but they can help eliminate distractions. Choose headphones with a noise-canceling feature to get the maximum benefit.

Prepare to take notes

There is nothing as distracting as having to search for a pen and paper in the middle of an appointment. Have a notebook and pen handy during your appointment to jot down notes or instructions from your therapist. It is also helpful to make a list of questions you want to ask your therapist before your session starts.

Once you try therapy through telehealth, you may be surprised by how well it goes. Not only does it save you time commuting, but it also allows you to attend your therapy session in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Being prepared for your first appointment will help you make the most of your session and will give you confidence in knowing you are aware of what to expect. 

Contact a local therapist to learn more about telehealth therapy sessions.